Who are the best Mehendi designers for wedding in Mumbai?

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Modern weddings are all about the latest fashion and newest trends especially if the city is Mumbai. Here, even the most common weddings take place in a manner as shown in our Bollywood movies.

The Mehendi ceremony prior to the actual day of the wedding is indeed a key occasion. An event of Mehendi is not about family dance, mediocre embroidery designer trousseaus and floral accessories. Hiring an expert mehndi designer is also a serious fact which must be taken into consideration.

Why Bridemeup?

Bridemeup bridal makeup services has a team of professionals who have years of experience in this industry. Their arts consist of floral, traditional styles like Indian, Arabic and Mughal designs. The expert artists are also aware of the current techniques and trends. Their works have felicitated them with a plethora of rewards, recognition and utter customer satisfaction.


Advantages of hiring Bridemeup

Hiring us can benefit you with the following features:

Choosing the right design suitable for you

It is quite obvious that you do not have any idea about the designs that will look best on your hand and feet. Always note that every mehndi design has its own unique elite style. Thus, if you already have preferences, for example, the conventional Rajasthani technique, the complex Pakistani design and the brave Arabic design it is a “cup of tea” for our experts. Thus, check the portfolio of our Mehendi artist before hiring us.

Be sure about the ingredients we use

The orange or the bright red colour of the Mehendi comes out depending on the basis of the amount of the henna powder used in the solution. The henna powders we use are 100% organic and extracted from plants. We use all natural ingredients to make your Mehendi darker in shade and display that prominent design. We make the Mehendi solution with utmost special techniques.  This is the reason the colour of our Mehendi ripens fast.

We understand the problem of sensitive skin and how vulnerable they are to this kind of solution. Do not worry our products are skin-friendly even it is sensitive. We assure that the mehendi on your hands and feet will not cause any itchiness or dryness spoiling your mood.  Hence, we conduct a trial session to test your skin whether it is suitable for you or not.

A flexible payment system

The Mehendi function is quite time-consuming. Thus, the rates are charged either on the hourly or timely basis. If the guest list is large then you may hire an artist on hourly rates. On the other hand, if the list is small then the rates will be charged on the basis of each hand.